Procedure for Establishment of the School Site Council

1) PEER SELECTION PROCESS:& ;The School Site Council is composed of the principal and representatives of the following groups: teachers elected at the school; other school staff elected by other school staff at the school, students elected by students at the school; and parents/community members elected by parents/community members. Parents must have children currently attending the school. Neither parents nor community members serving on the parent/community/student half of the SSC may be employed at the school, although they may be employed elsewhere in the district.

The SSC must have the same number of members on the school staff half as the parent/community/student half. The majority of the school staff half must be classroom teachers. At secondary schools, students must be represented on the parent/community/student half of the SSC by at least one student. To effectively carry out the duties of the council, a& ;minimum& ;of four school personnel and four parent/community/student members is necessary.

2) MEMBERS TERM OF OFFICE:& ;Elected members may serve terms of two years, and they will be eligible for re-election.& ;

3) PROCEDURE FOR REPLACING A MEMBER:& ;Changes in membership, as necessary to maintain the specified number of members on the council, shall be made in accordance with the provisions mentioned on Procedure 1 above, except that if any alternates have been previously selected, they may be selected by their peers currently on the council to fill any unexpired term. If no alternates are available and SSC parent(s) and/or student(s) leave the SSC, then volunteers may be recruited until such time as to hold an election by their peers on the School Site Council.

Approved 09/20/2016

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